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Window Tinting From The Pros
Service Prices
2 Windows Only $85.00+Tax

4 Windows Only $125.00+Tax

Over 4 Windows $150.00+Tax
High End Film
Lifetime Warranty
Standard Film
1 Year Warranty
2 Windows Only $100.00=Tax

4 Windows Only $150.00+Tax

Over 4 Windows $185.00+Tax
Why Get Window Tint?
A car window tint involves adding a slightly colored hue on the car's existing windows. Doing such things makes a car more attractive and adds an element of privacy, (since you can see what's going on outside but the outside cannot see what's going with you). This is especially helpful in preventing a possible break-in due to a thief seeing something of value in the back or front seat of your car. 

But there are also functional reasons why you should consider getting a car window tint. For example, a proper window tint helps provide protection for your car's interior upholstery. In fact, if you use a window tint, the life of your car's interior will be extended by 60 percent. This means your upholstery will look fresher and cooler for a longer period of time. And the reason this happens is because the window tint helps protect the interior against harmful ultraviolet rays that are emitted through sunlight. Tinting blocks around 99 percent of these rays, offering protection for both your car's interior and even yourself and your passengers. This is especially the case if you are on the road for hours. 

Another functional purpose evident with a window tinting is increased window protection should the car get in a bad accident. The tinted windows are more effective at holding together glass, even if it has been shattered. Windows with no window tint would completely break down, while those that do have the window tint would stay up before totally collapsing; if they collapse. This could result in you or your passengers getting minimal if any bodily injury due to broken glass. 

Lastly, tinting could help keep your car cooler, since it prevents sunlight from entering in. When you do not get windows tinted, the seats and the wheel can annoyingly hot, especially during warmer weather.

Windshield Must allow more than 70% of light in.
Front Side WindowsMust allow more than 50% of light in.
Back Side WindowsAny darkness can be used.
Rear Window Any darkness can be used.